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Solid and Rustic Oak Wooden Beds

Solid oak beds

Our solid and rustic oak wooden beds are designed to last a lifetime - offering a relaxing and comfortable safe haven for your bedroom. Deciding on a bed is by far an essential component of bedroom furniture. A bed must be your sanctuary, a place for ultimate relaxation and is essential for a restful sleep. Depending on who is occupying the room will also determine the size you go for. Single, small double, double or king-size - all depends how close you want to be to your other half! 
Advantages of our Homeward Bound oak wooden beds are that they provide; comfort, style, and suitable storage underneath. A bed is the most critical piece of furniture a house can ever have - as long as you have a bed you do not need anything else! It should look and feel good with a solid, strong and sturdy bed frame to support you in your dreaming position. Oak is a rare wood that possesses all of these attributes as well as being stunningly exquisite. The lustre of oak and its colour comes as an advantage too, as it will blend instantly with its surroundings whatever the colour, shape or design of your bedroom. Our solid and rustic wooden oak bed frames will always fit in their own unique way.
Our solid oak wooden beds are exquisitely carved into detailed shapes and contours which give a classy and diverse look to any bedroom. As your bed is the most important furnishing, it is important that it must have the right finesse, flair and poise. Oak offers a rustic, shabby chic feel which blends perfectly into all interior designs and home environments. This is why an investment in a solid oak bed is the ideal choice. 
A rustic oak bed frame could be the focal point that your bedroom needs, whether you choose a more modern piece or you like the look of an antique bed frame, it will offer the concrete heart to your bedroom and home.  There is no need to worry about the up keep either as our oak bed frames require very little maintenance. A damp cloth and some gentle soap once a year will bring the wood back to a glossy, elegant look - almost back to brand new.
If you are after the highest quality solid hardwood oak, be it single, double or king-size, Homeward Bound offer a fabulous selection of bed frames that will complement the rest of your room. Our beds are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques in which we create a solid frame with delightfully designed headboards and footers. From the popular modern Radstock to the rustic painted Englishcombe - here at Homeward Bound we have everything you need.